It’s close to the end…

As this week ends, so does the first semester of my new educational journey. 

It has definately been an interesting experience for me.  I returned to school after working in the field for 4 years, and it was definitely a change.  The learning enviornment was filled with educators that wanted to support and develop our learning, but as well as, getting us into the university mind frame.  Still at the end of the semeste, I do not feel like I’m in that mind frame yet, but I can say that I have improved since the beginning.

Stressed built up especially when incorporating a blog experience, like this one.  I am not a person that understands technology unless it is the basics.  I have no had the opportunity to explore more with computers and how to do things.  It’s funny when my 7 year old nephew can demonstrate things to me on the computer, Ipod, or dsi that I should be able to figure out and can’t.  The technology class did test my patience and built up frustration but now that the end approaches I feel confident and would enjoy to learn more about incorporating technology within an educational setting.

Not only did the technology class build stress but try learning about law and looking up certains acts and trying to have an understanding of it in a short period of time.  It was interesting to learn and to understand the relationship with Early Childhood, espcially for those in leadership positions.  The experience will grow with me as I continue with this journey.

Every class intertwined with one another and definitely did build on my knowledge and enhacned my learning.  When I look back to my college days, it was easy, I was a procrastinator, and as long as I handed in my assignment on time the grade did not really matter.  When I look at myself now, at the end, I changed a lot.  I have become organized and tried to complete  things before the deadline so that I was still able to engage in social activities and not have to be worried about finishing assignments last minute.  I have kept others on their toes with this quality.  I even take the time needed with assignments and every mark I get I feel like I worked hard and deserve the mark that I recieved.  I also notice the areas that could have used improvements, which is another quality that I have learned.  I feel that since I have had the experience to work in the field prior to returning to school that it has helped me grow in ways that I have a different understanding when information is being taught then I would have if I continued straight out of college.

I have grown and am excited to see how much more I can grow throughout the journey that I have created.  I know that I will encounter many obstacles along my way considering I have a child on the way, but I am confident that I will build and overcome the obstacles to have this journey be fulfilled. 

Time to study, study, study….good luck to anyone else who has created themselves with a new educational journey!

cbasiles 🙂


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