Website’s “Less is more” Strategy Proves Effective


Website’s “Less is more” Strategy Proves Effective

Marketing techniques are essential for organizations to promote to others who they are, what they do and why they are better then their competitors.  While reviewing a child care website it has been noted that, thought went in when developing the website to include all the necessary information that is needed when looking for quality care.  Also, it was noticed when using the wayback website machine, the centre has updated their website twice before and for them it looks like the third time was a charm. You want to keep the content updated, whether it is updated every day, few weeks or even months (Tuck, 2003). The site was noticed to be current and adds information of what is occurring for the organization at that period of time.  The website that was chosen for this review was, Family Day Child Care Services

When first arriving to the site, it is noticed that the homepage is simple with a white background.  The logo is presented in the left hand corner, the colours (blue, green, and yellow) are representing the organization and photos of children are displayed across the top of the page. Mike Tuck, the author of the article Fundamentals of Web Design states, trademarks, logos, colour schemes and other elements that will need to be included in your design scheme.  This is what has been completed on this website.  The organization also has a quote that goes into what their beliefs are and the font is child-like. It also involves a menu with links that is located down the left side of the display with all the information that is needed which is user-friendly. 

The website is easy to navigate through, “A traditional method is to use a simple table of links that march down the left side of the page” (Tuck, 2003). With following the links on the side the desired questions are easily answered. The usability is simple and could be used by those who are not familiar with computers, as tested with an individual named Nick.  He was able to locate the contact information which provided opportunities for users to send an e-mail right on the page, as well as numbers to the administrative offices within the Peel and Toronto Regions.  The homepage shows the three municipal areas that the centre caters to: Peel, York and Toronto, which once clicked on brings you to the area, a general map and all the centres that provide care.  If clicked into one of the centres then it brings the user to a detailed page that provides more information regarding the centre, the supervisors contact as well as a more specific map to where the centre is located.  One of the best qualities that would be recognized on the centre’s website would be the fact that it is user-friendly, and easily accessible for a family that is looking for care within any of the three regions.  The site also provides the opportunity for families to access information that is needed to apply for financial assistance.  

Although, there are good qualities, some areas could be improved or added to enhance the quality of the website and to promote the child care centres.  Since it is a big and established organization, then it could be considered to add more multi-media to the site.  There are only photos and a few hyperlinks to the partnerships with the organization, however there are no embedded videos that could provide opportunities to see the interactions within the centres or to promote the centres. However, if doing this, it is advised to keep it simple and let the users know that this function is coming up, and let them decide if they want to activate it or not. (Tuck, 2003)   Also, providing the user an example of what the daily schedule would look like could be an asset. The website could provide opportunities so the users could take a virtual tour of the centre of interest, which could be an asset to the families who have hectic schedules and need the flexibility within their lives.  This provides them to tour the centre at their convenience instead of actually finding the time to visit the centre.

Just like Mike Tuck would say “less is more”, (2003) which Family Day’s website follows through in the most elegant way possible.  The design is simple, well-chosen colors and graphical design that doesn’t hurt the eyes, yet it invites the visitor to relax and enjoy the content.  (Tuck, 2003)

 By: Cristina Basile


Tuck, Mike. (2003) Practical Web Design – Fundamentals of Web Design Retrieved from



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